The Flatlander Barbecue Pit Crew

Learn about the team members that make up the Flatlander Barbecue competition barbecue team!

Derek Archambault - Pitmaster


Derek has been a KCBS certified barbecue judge since 2004 and has been doing backyard barbecue since his teenage years. He's come a long way from the first time he smoked ribs and didn't realize the meat was still pink because of the smoke and cooked them to death. 


When not being the pitmaster for Flatlander Barbeuce, he is the Director of Marketing for FoodScience Corporation.

Meghan Archambault - Pit Mistress


Meghan initially brought the camping know-how to the Flatlander Barbecue team, but that is far from all she does.  She is now the keeper of the team's own sauce recipe and makes it each season.  She is also responsible making sure that the team has everything they need when packing and handles our social media presence.


When not keeping Derek in line, she works in Process Improvement for Twincraft Skincare.

Dave Johnson - Sous Chef and MacGyver


Dave brings his years of construction and handyman work along with extensive tailgaiting experience from attending NASCAR races. No one would have ever thought that something could give his love of NASCAR a run for its money until he was introduced to the world of competition barbecue. He helps Derek with meat prep, gets the grills and smokers ready for cooking and storage, and is always ready with a solution for any problem on the spot.


When not doing that, he works for Electric Boat in New London, CT.

Emily Johnson - Turn-In Expert


Emily is responsible for the safe delivery of our contest entries.  With her steady hands and sure feet, she saves Derek's butt (and ribs, and chicken, and brisket...) when he takes too long to build the box.


When not running through fields and parking lots with a styrofoam box full of smoked meat and parsley, she is a nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital

Mary Pat Johnson & Chris Archambault - The Dishwashers


Laugh if you want, but the moms have one of the most important jobs of all - making sure that the team has all the clean equipment they need. From cutting boards to tongs to knives to those &*%$ temperature probe wires, they dutifully spend each competition weekend with the hands in bins full of soapy water.

James Foley & Kaitlyn Johson - The last resorts


They don't make it to every contest, but when they do, they pitch in.  And often help.  And always eat the leftovers.

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